Mosquito Larval Trap

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Mosquito Larval Trap works with nature to reduce the mosquito population in your yard so we can enjoy being outdoors playing or entertaining without being bitten. Environmentally friendly – Non-toxic; safe for pets and children; will not harm beneficial insects.

- Larvae hatching from mosquito eggs laid on the water in the trap become trapped under the lid, inside the bucket of the trap. •
- Any that do complete their development into adult mosquitoes remain trapped inside the bucket and will die within a few days without access to food.
- The booster tablet added to the water when the trap is set up is made from non-toxic, food-grade ingredients and provides the basic nutrients needed for the water to start to stagnate and become attractive to egg-laying mosquitoes.

How to use:
1. Add booster tablet to the trap bucket
2. Assemble the trap by inserting the plastic ascension ring, applying the lid and attaching the handle
3. Fill with water
4. Place trap in a moist, shady part of the garden
5. Top up with water as needed
6. Re-set trap with new booster tablet every 4 weeks