We supply Ironbark which is one of the best burning woods. This timber is suited to combustion & open fireplaces. Our wood is premium quality and well seasoned. Guaranteed.
Our wood is ECO friendly and only sourced from reputable suppliers, as we are a member of the Firewood Association of Australia (Member no. 046).

We also supply a number of wood fired pizza shops and cafes with wood fire pizza ovens and heating for dining areas.


Firewood is Available for Delivery and Pick Up all year round

Delivery - Phone us on (02) 9986 1223

Prices as of Febuary 1st 2023
Ironbark supplies have returned to normal. 1-3 days for delivery from order placement
We sell Premium Seasoned Ironbark and Mixed Hardwood that is sold for delivery at the following rates:

Pick ups - 200 Forest Way Belrose, part of Four Seasons Nursery

Firewood for pick up is sold by the bulk scoop or the crate. The prices are as follow:

Crates 60x60x60cm - hand loaded into car
Mixed Wood (some ironbark) - $50 per crate

Premium Ironbark

1/2 Ton - $289

1Ton - $499

2 Ton - $980

3 Ton - $1440

Mixed Hardwood

1/2 Ton - $200

1Ton - $379

2 Ton - $749

3 Ton - $1100

Currently out of stock - No ETA yet

Bulk Scoop - 250kg, tipped into trailer or ute tray, or customer can hand load 
Ironbark - $130 per 250kg

Mixed Hardwood - $99 per 250kg (OUT OF STOCK)

Other Products Available

Kindling Bags - 10kg $18.95ea

Bagged Firewood 20kg - $19.95ea

Delivery charges do apply. Please Click Here for delivery rates.


1 ton closest equivalent is 2m3. Our wood loader is equipped with scales to ensure accurate amounts of wood are delivered every time. M3 is only approximate to give a comparison, as we only sell wood by the tonne.

Firewood Accessories - CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR RANGE

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