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Posted by Matt Macri on 27th Feb 2024

Environmental Impact of Using Ironbark as Firewood

IAs the chill of winter approaches, many Australians begin to think about the best ways to keep their homes warm and cozy. For those with fireplaces or wood heaters, the choice of firewood becomes crucial not only for heat but also for the environmental imp …

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Posted by Matt Macri on 3rd Mar 2023

Stay Cozy with Premium Firewood in Sydney: Discover Ironbark and Mixed Hardwood from Australian Firewood

Australian Firewood is a leading supplier of firewood in Sydney, NSW, offering high-quality Ironbark and Mixed Hardwood for burning. As a reputable and reliable su …

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Posted by Yes Digital on 18th Nov 2022

How To Store Your Firewood

Getting an online delivery of firewood can be both exciting and a little daunting. Exciting to know that you are going to have enough firewood to keep you warm and cosy. But also daunting because it m …

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Posted by Yes Digital on 5th Oct 2022

The Best Kind Of Firewood To Buy For Your Home Heating Needs

There are several firewood varieties, each with distinctive qualities of its own. The type of firewood produced largely depends on the tree from which it was derived. Furthermore, it is acceptable to …

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Posted by Yes Digital on 6th Sep 2022

6 Tips To Properly Season Your Wood For Winter

There is no avoiding it. Freshly cut firewood will never burn in the manner that you desire. Freshly chopped firewood often has a moisture percentage of roughly 100%, meaning that water makes up half …

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Posted by Yes Digital on 9th Aug 2022

How to Burn A Log Fire in an Eco-Friendly Way

There's just something breath-taking about having a roaring blaze sitting prettily in your fireplace, especially during cold winter nights. But with recent concerns about global warming reaching all-t …

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Posted by Yes Digital on 4th Jul 2022

3 Things You Should Know About Burning Firewood This Winter

If you're anything like most folks, the thought of staying indoors, bundled up in layers of wool, sipping a cup of hot beverage, and munching on a snack or two sounds like a great way to spend those l …

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