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The Large Fly Trap by Skeeter Hawk effectively attracts, traps, and kills fruit flies, gnats, drain flies, house flies, horse flies, moths, june bugs, no-see-ums, mosquitoes, and thousands of other flying pests. Dual Band LED UV light attracts them, while the whisper quiet fan sucks them in where they dehydrate and die. The Large Fly Trap effectively protects larger backyard spaces, around pools and large patios. The foldaway hook and long cord, allow for versatile placement. For complete protection against mosquitos (which when hungry, hunt by detecting the CO2 we breathe out) be sure to wear some form of repellent.

For best results, place the Large Fly Trap outdoors, away from your patio, windows, and doors in order to attract pesky bugs away from gathering areas. It is recommended that you empty the trap bin weekly during the spring and summer months and monthly during the autumn and winter months.

Light Modes: Simple (on/off)

Dual band LED UV light
Whisper quiet fan system
Foldaway handle/hook for versatile hanging
Removable base for quick and easy clean-up

Does it really work?:
Skeeter Hawk's patented dual-band UV technology is highly attractive to the vast majority of flying insects (including mosquitoes). Mosquitoes naturally hunt by detecting the air that humans and animals breath out. So, the best defence against mosquitoes is to;
1) wear some form of repellent that will repel them when they approach you and
2) have an attractive landing zone nearby (like our Zappers or Traps) to act as their final resting place.

Mosquitos are attracted to 2 different wavelengths of UV. Skeeter Hawk uniquely utilises a Patent Pending dual band UV. 395nm UV and 365nm UV (which is almost invisible to the naked eye.) this increases their effectiveness significantly.
Skeeter Hawk uses LED lights. Most other brands use UV tubes.
Tubes have a general run time of 2,000hrs. Skeeter Hawk LED’s have a 50,000hr life. You won't need to purchase expensive replacement tubes. The Skeeter Hawk LED Bulbs will last the life of the Zapper.
LED Power consumption is significantly lower, lowering electricity usage and therefore running costs.
Features a removable tray for easy waste disposal.
Utilises a vertical zapping grid for easier cleaning.
Includes a foldable handle for ease of placement.

$158.95 Each