St Elmos Fire Wood Stacker Ring

$1,095.00 - $1,695.00
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St Elmos Fire wood stacking rings are a stylish way to store firewood in your outdoor entertaining space. These stacking rings are made from 6mm Redcor steel and are designed to surface rust in the weather. This surface rust protects the structure of the steel making it long lasting and resistant to the elements. These rings also make great additions to a landscape as feature shelves for potted plants and decor items.

Stacking rings are simply mounted onto a wall using bolts and the 50mm eyelets welded onto the frame. Ensure your wall can hold the weight of the ring plus a full load of wood prior to installation. Bolts not included.


St Elmos Fire wood stacking ring is available in 3 sizes:

Small: 900mm Diameter x 400mm wide - 94kg
Download 900mm Specifications

Medium: 1200mm Diameter x 400mm wide  - 123kg
Download 1200mm Specifications

Large: 1500mm Diameter x 400mm wide  - 157kg
Download 1500mm Specifications

Listed weights are for the ring only and do not include any wood.
Special order product made to order - takes 14-21 days to bring in store for pick up or delivery

**Staging items and wood pictured not included