Queensland Mixed Hardwood Firewood


A mixture of medium to hard density firewood sourced from Southern Queensland. Queensland hardwoods are denser/heavier then NSW woods and will burn for longer. Wood is easier to light then straight Ironbark and once going will produce a good amount of heat. Approximate moisture content 15-20%.

Mix includes yellow box, stringy bark, grey gum, other hardwoods and a small amount of Ironbark. Well seasoned and clean this wood will burn well in open fires and slow combustion heaters.

This wood pairs well with Ironbark, which will burn hotter for longer. Consider adding 1/2 Tonne Ironbark to your order to get a good mixture of wood.

How to Buy

Queensland Mixed Hardwood Firewood is available for delivery or pick up. For delivery please place your order online or call us on 02 9450 1606 noting the delivery day you would like (delivery charges apply). Pick up is sold by the scoop or crate and can be arranged in store, during the summer months please contact us regarding stock levels as this wood is not stocked year round. Pick up address is 200 Forest Way Belrose (we are part of Four Seasons Nursery).

Why Choose Australian Firewood & Four Seasons Nursery
- We are a member of the Firewood Association of Australia
- All wood is 100% seasoned and ready to burn
- Every load is weighed on scales – guaranteeing you get value for money
- A full range of firewood accessories, everything you need to get your Fire started
- Firewood delivered to you, where and when you want*

*Delivery subject to delivery schedule and may vary from the requested time during peak season. Please contact us for more information.