Firewood Ironbark Bag 20Kg


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Premium seasoned Ironbark Firewood in a 20kg bag. This timber is suited to combustion & open fireplaces. Our wood is premium quality and well seasoned. Creates less smoke and soot than inferior woods, keeping both your flu and house cleaner.

Ease to move around, 1 bag will last approximately 1 - 3 days depending on how long you use your fireplace.

Benefits of Ironbark Firewood
Ironbark Firewood is a premium wood with the following benefits:
- Longer burning wood - While Ironbark is slightly harder to start but will burn 6 – 8 hours meaning you will use less wood throughout the night
- Efficient burning means very little ash and less cleaning
- Strong burning and a hotter fire
- Ironbark burns with little or no smoke and low emissions
- Logs are split and cut to a ready-to-use firewood size of 250mm - 350mm approximately the size of a loaf of bread

Firewood Ironbark Bag 20Kg

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UPC: 9323792000388
Width: 400.00
Height: 600.00
Depth: 200.00
PDE: 21014