Teppanyaki Fire Pit

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Enhance your fire pit experience with our Teppanyaki Fire Pit set, offering both functionality and simplicity. This set provides everything you need to cook your own meat and vegetables at home over your fire pit, and it even allows you to easily remove the cooking plate when you just want to enjoy the fire pit ambiance.

In addition to its cooking capabilities, the Teppanyaki Fire Pit set includes a fire bowl, ensuring efficient heat distribution and a controlled fire. The two-tier stand provides convenience by offering a dedicated space to keep your food warm on one tier, while the other tier serves as a practical storage area for your firewood.

With a raised height of 250mm from the ground, this model guarantees safety during usage and prevents any potential burn spots on your lawn.

Dimensions in mm:

Size  Length  Width  Height
80cm 800 800 500

*Product designed to age/rust over time. This is normal for the product and not a fault. This will not affect the integrity of the product.