21st Mar 2021

Why You Need to Shop at Your Local Garden Centre

Did you know that plants, specifically indoor plants, can help you improve your concentration and productivity by up to 15 per cent? In addition, they also help in reducing stress and can boost your mood. So, where is the best place to get your plants?

The answer is your nearest garden centre. Not only do they have the knowledge of local plants perfect for the weather, but they can also give you the best tips to help them thrive.

Before you search “Garden centre in Sydney,” or “Garden centre near me,” learn why it is best to shop at your friendly local garden centres.

Familiar with Local Weather and Conditions

Your nearest garden centre not only knows everything there is to know about their plants in-store, but they also know your local conditions. For example, your plant hardiness zones, harsh winters and drought summers, plants that are prone to mildew, and how dry your sidewalk garden can get when there is a lack of water.

Because they are gardeners themselves and have actual experience with the local climate, soils, and plants, they can point you to the perfect plants for the right spot, which is essential for your garden success.

They are also aware of any recent pest infestations. In short, your local garden centre knows what you need to succeed.

Knows Local Plants

Whether you are looking for a garden centre in Sydney or a general garden centre with flowers, local garden centres know and can teach you about the native plants available in your town.

Native plants are easily accessible and most likely to be in stock in a garden centre or plant nursery. They will need less fertiliser, water, and pesticides as these plants are already suited to your region’s temperatures and general environment. Meaning they can do better than non-native plants.

Prioritises Quality

Local garden centre owners devote each day to their flowers and shrubs, giving them their undivided attention and care. They personally water, prune and deadhead their plants. They make sure that each plant that arrives at your home is in the best possible condition.

And since they prioritise quality, most garden centres are a little expensive, but a good quality plant can save you money in the long run.

For example, you bought a petunia plant from a mass merchant. It did save you 15 cents versus buying it from your local gardener, but the plant is not doing well, so you buy more plants to fill or have to do a complete replant. Did you really save 15 cents?

Buying a good quality product is better in the long run as you will not waste your effort and, ultimately, your money.

A Big Help

When you need help with your garden, they are the people you can run to. They give the best advice in helping you find the right plants for your yard. They will also add in pieces of advice on soil additives and a few gardening tips and tricks.

In Conclusion

Choosing your local garden centres, like at Four Seasons Nursery & Garden Centre, will give you the best plants, advice, and service that you will need. If you are a beginner to advanced, they can surely help you with your needs.

Aside from being your plant doctors, buying from them will help with the local economy. You will get fresher plants with a reduced carbon footprint as the growers are not far from your location. You can rest easy and enjoy the benefits of your plants.