21st Jun 2021

Six Money-Saving Tips When Visiting A Garden Centre

Like other nature’s gifts, plants add beauty and colour to our homes. And many plant lovers have experienced that awkward moment at the checkout counter when they realize they exceeded their budget.

If you are reducing cost or simplifying your garden shopping list, the tips featured here will save you some cool bucks. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice the essentials on your gardening list.

Take Advantage of the Perks

Being a plant lover means you make regular visits to a garden centre. If you do and have a preferred garden centre, then take advantage of the promos they offer from time to time. Follow their social media handles to stay informed on the buyer reward programs or coupon offers. You can sign up to receive their newsletter too. It’s free to do so, and the reward is worth it.

Visit the Recycling Centre

You can visit your local recycling centre to get decent organic compost. You might end up picking a few plastic debris and cover bottles but with your money in your wallet. If your city doesn’t have a recycling centre, you can visit a horse stable to get organic matter in the form of stall bedding.

However, you should let it compost before using it in your garden. A good way to know if it’s ready for use is it won’t smell at all.

Find Bonus Packs

With vegetables and herbs, you can find multiple seedlings per pack. So, look for multiple plants per cell. And if you plant correctly, chances are all the plants will survive. Arrange with your travelling buddies for three people to divide three six-cell packs.

This way, everyone gets at least two transplants of each variety. Hosting a seed swap party with your buddies can also give you more variety.

Don’t Shop Around Mother’s Day

It is always a tough ball finding good deals in the garden centres on the days preceding mother’s day. If you want to save some bucks, it’s best to wait a couple of weeks or until after Memorial Day to buy your plants and other gardening materials. You will be lucky to find a few good deals or a percentage off the regular price.

With a lot less rush in the garden centres, you will also find a free staff who can advise on caring for the plants, so your hard-earned cash doesn’t go to waste.

Go for a Smaller Size

A great way to fill your garden without breaking the bank is to go for smaller sizes. Many garden centres will offer smaller pots in the early days of spring and switch to larger ones as the season progresses. When you do this, you seize the opportunity to save some money and get new perennials and annuals in small, inexpensive pots.

Find the Growers Mix

Commercial mix in big bags is generally cheaper than the smaller consumer options. They also produce better results for your hanging baskets and pots. You should find big bags in any good garden centre.

Now, you know how to save some money when buying your gardening materials. Visit our website to see a variety of high-quality gardening essentials.