21st Aug 2021

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Plants From A Garden Centre

For garden lovers, it’s always an exciting experience shopping for new plants. However, if not carefully planned, your shopping experience can be a complete disaster.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when buying plants from a garden centre:

1. Don’t Get Carried Away by Colour

If you are visiting the garden during springtime, ensure you make a list before you set out. Do not buy on impulse. Instead, stick to the plan. Do not be carried away by the colours and beauty of plants at their peak. Your shopping cart may be filled with colours, but in the aftermath, your garden may not be.

2. Not Observing the Leaves

They will tell you more about how healthy a plant is. Only buy plants that are healthy with lush green perky foliage. Plants with weak, brown, yellow, or black leaves are an indication the plant is suffering from a disease.

3. Not Checking for Pests and Diseases

Similarly, when searching for plants in a garden centre, look closely for the presence of pests and diseases. Some common plant pests include mites, scales, and aphids. The insects may be at the tip of the plant or underside of the leaves.

Disease-free plants are without holes, black spots, distortion, blisters, and don’t feel sticky. Buying plants with pests can lead to infestations on other plants in your garden.

4. Ignoring the Roots

Healthy roots are the bedrock on which healthy plants grow. Be sure to examine the roots with care, as some plants have fine roots. Pay attention to the colour of the roots and stay away from plants with soft or brown roots that easily fall apart.

5. Buying Leggy and Lanky Plants

One easy way to invite pests and diseases into your garden is to bring leggy (scraggly) plants from the garden centre. Stick to plants with a well-branched structure that is bushy, robust, and disease-free. Lanky plants can also break easily in the wind or if not handled with proper care.

6. Not Asking Questions

The garden centre representatives are always available to nudge you in the right direction. Give them details of your garden and the vision you have for it. They will be able to give you more information about the plants and their growing requirements.

7. Choosing Plants with Weeds

Stay away from plants with weeds in the pot. They are poorly maintained, and the weeds use up the nutrients of the plant. If you must pick one such plant, carefully get rid of the weeds before you place it in your garden to avoid spreading.

Lastly, ensure the garden centre you visit is well maintained. Check the prices and the quality of the soil the plants are kept in. Need a helping hand with your garden planning? Give us a call today and we’ll put you on the right track.