Posted by Matthew Macri on 3rd Mar 2023

Revamp Your Garden Borders with ShapeScape Metal Edging

Are you tired of struggling with metal edging that is difficult to install and never seems to achieve a professional look? ShapeScape Metal Edging provides the perfect solution to upgrade your garden borders.

The improved design of ShapeScape Metal Edging provides several key benefits that make installation a breeze and ensure a seamless finish. One of the most significant benefits is that our metal edging now comes predrilled, eliminating the need for DIY drilling. This saves you time and effort, while also ensuring precision drilling for a smooth installation. The predrilled holes are located at the bottom of each length and will be covered by soil, while the upper holes are for rivets and supplied when needed.

Another significant benefit of ShapeScape Metal Edging is the reinforced joint system. We've added two screws on each side of the joiner, providing extra support and eliminating rocking joints during installation. The lower lip on the joiner is no longer needed with the extra screw, creating fewer places for dirt to accumulate and cause issues. This means that your garden borders will look great and stay in place for years to come.

ShapeScape Metal Edging also comes in more sizes in stakes, ensuring that each length has a dedicated size. This eliminates guesswork, providing an optimal solution for each installation. The stakes are designed to match the size of the edging, ensuring a secure and stable installation.

Overall, ShapeScape Metal Edging revolutionizes garden borders, providing a flawless finish that is easy to achieve. Say goodbye to the frustration of installing metal edging and hello to beautiful garden borders that will enhance the overall look of your landscape.