21st Jul 2021

How To Get The Best From A Garden Centre

If you are a garden lover, you will probably keep your ears to the ground for deals and the best time to make that visit to a garden centre near you. While shopping for your favourite plants, flowers, and gardening staples can be a fun exercise, it will pay to learn a few tips to make the best from your local garden centre.

So without further ado, here are eight tips for making the most of your garden centre trips.

Make a Plan

Many skip this step which can be a bad thing eventually. Before you go shopping, visualize how you want your garden to look. Make a list of the holes you want to fill up and with what. You may end up buying a plant you don’t need if you decide to shop on impulse. You might not get everything you need in one trip. But as long as you get it right, it will be worth the effort.

Create a Budget

It’s easier to shop when you have a plan and budget you are working with. Most plants come in trays with a few cell packs. In this case, you can find a friend or family member to split the bill with which can help you get more types of plants for your set budget.

Inspect Plants

If you want to garden organically, ensure your plants have not been sprayed with insecticides before they were placed on the shelf. Inspect any plant you have selected in your cart for insect damage or plant diseases.

Select Native Plants

You definitely will come across many plants that are colourful and appealing. However, it is best to choose plants that are native to your location. You can also ask experts at your garden centre for a recommendation.

The native plants will fare better in different weather conditions common in your area.

Let your Garden Bloom All Year

To make this happen, ensure that something is always flowering throughout the year. You may need to make multiple trips to your garden centre to achieve this. When you visit mid-summer and also in the fall, you will find something different on each visit.

Know your Annuals

While the annuals will last for one season, perennials will come back every year if planted in the right conditions. Annual plants are excellent for containers and filling in spaces. Again, when choosing annuals or perennials, be sure to select short, stocky plants with good basal branching.

Check Out the Combos

Many garden centres offer container combos for some inspiration. This can help you with plant selection, arrangement and even colour choices.

Check Local Flyers

It’s recommended to check local flyers and social media accounts for sales. You may find great deals there. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A garden centre representative will assist and give you recommendations if you are unsure about the plants to get. Garden centres are less busy during the week so you can easily find a member of staff to speak with.

Finally, you have all you need to bring your dream garden to reality. Contact us now for more information.