Posted by Matthew Macri on 18th May 2023

Bringing Martone, Italy to Sydney: The Exquisite Custom-Made Carved Water Feature for the St George Society

The St George Society, a close-knit community of immigrants from the charming village of Martone in Italy, along with their families and the local community, embarked on a remarkable project—to create a truly captivating water feature that would pay homage to their roots. The objective was to bring a touch of Martone to Centro San Giorgio, their farm located in Kenthurst, Australia. Through meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and attention to detail, their dream of an exquisite fountain depicting St George's triumphant victory over a dragon became a reality.

Celebrations at Centro San Giorgio
The yearly Festa held Centro San Giorgio in Kenthust venerating St George.

The Brief: The goal was to replicate a stone fountain from Martone, Italy, with St George as the central theme. This design held deep significance for the St George association, symbolising their shared history, cultural pride, and the bond they shared with their families and the local community. The fountain would become the centerpiece of their festive celebrations, serving as a proud reminder of their Martone heritage.

Mural at the entrance to Martone, Italy and the St George Fountain
Mural at the entrance to Martone, Italy and the St George Fountain that insqired the project, used by the locals for drinking water from a natural spring.

The Planning: Pietro Stoneware, renowned for their expertise, took on the task of creating an accurate replica of the Martone fountain. Carefully studying photographs and dimensions of the original fountain, they painstakingly crafted a bespoke cast, ensuring that every intricate detail was captured. The base of the feature was expertly modified to perfectly complement the statue, giving it an authentic and harmonious appearance.

Early Working
Photos sent by Pietro Stoneware to Four Seasons showing the progress and productions notes.

The Construction: Durability was paramount, and extensive testing was carried out to ensure the carved statue would be securely supported by the base. Utilizing GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) construction, a material known for its strength and resilience, the fountain was built to withstand the test of time. The natural concrete color was coated with a polished stone finish, adding an elegant touch and ensuring its visual appeal would endure for years to come. This fountain was crafted to be a lasting tribute to their heritage, bringing a piece of Martone to Centro San Giorgio.

Pietro Workers
The hard working team from Pietro Stoneware, Cebu, Phillipines. Their team includes master craftsmen and carvers to ensure a high quality finish on every piece.

Shipping and Installation: Once the fountain had fully cured, it was meticulously packaged and shipped from Cebu, Philippines to Centro San Giorgio in Kenthurst, Australia. Recognizing the significance of the project, the team at Four Seasons Nursery, alongside a dedicated group of volunteers, journeyed to Centro San Giorgio for the installation. As the fountain was unveiled, it immediately captured the hearts of the St George Society, their families, and the local community, adding an authentic and captivating touch to the beautiful landscape of Kenthurst. The meticulous attention to detail from the Pietro Stoneware team ensured a successful installation, evoking a sense of pride among all those present.

Installation Day
The Four Seasons Team and some helpful Volunteers from Companion Homes assist with the installation of this oversized fountain.

The Results: The custom-made carved water feature is truly awe-inspiring. Its presence and craftsmanship leave a lasting impression, instantly becoming a source of admiration and wonder for the St George Society, their families, and the local community. By incorporating a cherished piece of Martone into Centro San Giorgio, the St George Society has established a tangible connection to their ancestral home, further strengthening the bond between their community and their cultural heritage.

The finished installation
The Beautiful St George Fountain takes pride of place in its home at Centro San Gerogio Kenthurst. This piece of histroy, from Martone to Sydney via Cebu.

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