How To Store Your Firewood

Getting an online delivery of firewood can be both exciting and a little daunting. Exciting to know that you are going to have enough firewood to keep you warm and cosy. But also daunting because it means storing it. When you have a bulk delivery of wood turn up, it will be placed in a spot that is convenient for the truck to access. This might not be the best location long term for the firewood though. Deciding where to then move it to and how to store it becomes the next task. But how do you store your firewood?


Keep in uncovered


Did you know that it is best to leave your firewood uncovered? This is so that the firewood can continue to dry out. This gives it the best burning ability. However this is not always possible, especially if the weather is not cooperating. If you are experiencing a lot of rain, snow or morning ice, it is a good idea to cover the firewood. Once the weather has gotten better, uncover the wood again.


A good quality cover should be used during the weather events to keep the firewood secure and dry.


Keep it off the ground


When you move your firewood to its new storing location, it is ideal to leave it slightly off the ground. This increases the ventilation around the firewood and helps it to stay dry. Storing it directly on the ground means that the bottom pieces will be continually wet from the grass, dirt and soil beneath it. A great way to elevate your firewood and keep it off the ground is by storing it on a wooden pallet or something similar. A pallet will give enough room and height to keep it ventilated.


Store it outside where possible


Many people will opt to move their firewood into a garage or farm house to keep it out of the weather. This is an okay option if your firewood is completely dried out. However if it is damp this is not the best option. There will not be enough fresh or flowing air in an indoor setting to allow the wood to continue to dry out. Moving smaller amounts into the garage or home ready for use is perfectly fine and it means you are ready with the next lot close by. Just make sure you pick the pieces that are drier. If you move damp pieces inside you may start to notice an odour coming from them. It is just an odour of the dampness in a warm setting (nothing to worry about).


Store it away from structures


It may seem like the best idea to have your wood stack right next to your home for easy access. There are a number of reasons why it is not recommended to stack your wood next to your home or another structure. Many of these reasons come down to the safety risks. If you have your wood stack too close to a door, there is the risk that it may fall and block the door from opening. Depending on the materials that the structure is made from, it can also cause damage to the structure if its pushing against it.


There is also the increased risk of fire. Firewood is wood that is optimal for fires. If you are in a fire prone area and have a large stack of wood right next to your home, it can increase the risk of damage to your structure if a fire is present.


There is also the ventilation issue again. If you have it stacked right against a structure, there is not enough room for ventilation and your firewood will not dry out.


When you receive your online delivery of firewood, speak with the person delivering and discuss the best options for where they initially drop it. They will be more than happy to accommodate you as best as possible. Given the size of the delivery trucks, not all requests will be able to be granted, but working together a solution can be found.


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